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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Paper Making Fun

In Kindy we have been enjoying the excitement of Melbourne Cup Day the children demonstrated lots of skills in making trophies and hats.

We have also learnt how to make paper with Emma from Recycle Right.  First we had to rip up lots of egg carton and put it in a bucket then we added warm water and mulched it.  Next we put the pulp into a big tub of water and used a screen to collect the pulp.  We then turned the screen upside down on the fabric and used a big sponge to take out all the water. Then we took the screens of and dried the pulp in the sun and now we have paper.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Growing and blowing

What an exciting couple of weeks in Kindy.   Our potatoes are really growing fast and we have had fun measuring their growth using potato men.  We have estimated how many potatoes may be growing under the ground and recorded our thinking.  We will see who is closest when we harvest them.

We have been reading the story of the three little pigs, we have built stick houses and tried to blow them down.  We really enjoyed this activity. 

Science fun

This week have had lots of fun becoming Little Scientists in Kindy.  We experimented with skittles and compared the relation they have if they are in water, lemon solo, milk and oil.  The children discussed changes that they were seeing.

We also investigated what would of happen if the gingerbread man had fallen into the river.  We learnt that some things float and sink.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to Kindy, we have a busy Term 3 ahead of us.  Here is a little overview of things happening.

We have been learning about the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and have enjoyed reading the story and acting it out.  We even tasted goats milk and cows milk and recorded if we liked or disliked it.  

We are enjoying becoming Little Scientists and we are discovering lots of new things. We have been exploring what makes the best bubbles, the quickest way to melt ice hands and watching our potatoes grow and recording the growth each week.

Our ELLA program where we are learning to speak Japanese is very enjoyable and we are currently visiting the circus in the most recent app.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Vegetables at Kindy

This week has seen an exciting start to our potato growing activities.  We have learnt about lots of vegetables and how they grow, some grow underground and they are called a root vegetable.  Some we have learnt grow on bushes like capsicums.  
We have a vegetable shop set up in our classroom and we have loved filling our trolleys with all sorts of vegetables and paying for them at the cash register with money.
We made some beautiful vegetable soup in the slow cooker with Miss Robinson.  We mostly liked it but some of us gave it to our mums or dads to eat!
We will post pictures of our potatoes growing...

Friday, 3 June 2016

Sacred Heart Day

Today we celebrated Sacred Heart Day, we made heart shaped cookies and blue and white weaved hearts.  We loved our sausage sizzle and enjoyed watching the teachers play soccer with the whole school.

This week our book by Eric Carle was The Very Lonely Firefly - we caught some fireflies in a jar and counted them. Friendship is an important part of KINDY and we talked about how to be kind to our  friends.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Spiders - The Great Discussions!

This week we have been learning about spiders.  The children came together as a group and had a great discussion about spiders.  The children already know some important facts about spiders...

- they make webs out of their bodies.
- they eat flies.
- they have eight legs.
- some spiders can hurt you,
- all spiders have heads.

We want to know how many different types of spiders there are in the world and we are going to use the Internet to help us find out the answer to our question.

We did a survey and asked who likes spiders and who doesn't like spiders, this is what we found out.

36 people like spiders 
17 people don't like spiders. 

We have also made a giant spider web in our classroom and designed our own spiders.  Miss Shaw helped us to make a glitter web using glue and glitter. They look amazing.