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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Spiders - The Great Discussions!

This week we have been learning about spiders.  The children came together as a group and had a great discussion about spiders.  The children already know some important facts about spiders...

- they make webs out of their bodies.
- they eat flies.
- they have eight legs.
- some spiders can hurt you,
- all spiders have heads.

We want to know how many different types of spiders there are in the world and we are going to use the Internet to help us find out the answer to our question.

We did a survey and asked who likes spiders and who doesn't like spiders, this is what we found out.

36 people like spiders 
17 people don't like spiders. 

We have also made a giant spider web in our classroom and designed our own spiders.  Miss Shaw helped us to make a glitter web using glue and glitter. They look amazing.